Top 10 Animals Than Can Defeat A Lion

The Lion is frequently labeled as “The King of the Jungle”. The Lion possesses powerful lean muscles. They can leap an astounding 36 feet. When it comes to speed Lions are also known as the second fastest animals on land. Their mouths have sharp fangs paired with equally fatal claws on their feet. Receiving a bite or gnash from the king of the beast will result in serious injury.

Lions are living in a community called pride. The females or lionesses do the chore of the hunting. The males characterized by their manes, stand guard to protect the cubs. At the same time, they also take the stand to secure their territory.

Despite the impressive characteristics, the Lions can be harmed and defeated by some members of the animal kingdom. The notable creatures are a follows:

1) Hippopotamus:

The hippopotamus is a large mammal that can live on both water and land. They possess an unpredictable mood and can be very aggressive. Despite not having claws the hippo’s line of defense is their sharp teeth. It only takes one huge bite to defeat a lion.

Strength wise there is another land animal that bests a lion in this.

2) Elephants:

Elephants are the largest land animals in existence. An adult Elephant weighs a whopping 2 to 7 tons. They have thick skin and sharp trunks that counters predators. The Lion can bite through Elephants’ skin but besting the weight of the world’s biggest mammal is a different story.

Speaking of water and bites there are other species that threaten the lion

3) Crocodile

Crocodiles are reptiles that can survive both on land and water. Crocodiles are famous for their tough scales and the strength of their jaws bite. One slam packs a force of 5,000 pounds per square inch. The numbers themselves indicate how much a threat it is.

There is another mammal on the list that can take on a lion anytime.

4) Grizzly Bears:

The grizzly bear is also known as the Brown Bear. They maybe depicted in popular culture as friendly, cute, and cuddly. But in reality, they can dangerous when provoked specially when they use those huge paws. An adult brown bear is taller and heavier than a lion, this gives them an advantage on triumphing over the majestic cat.

Talking about cats, another feline that can challenge the lion in supremacy.

5) Tigers:

The Tiger loves to go solo, but even it is alone it can withstand on its own. Physically Tigers have more physical strength compared to a lion. They also have inborn agility and flexibility which is very impressive that can best the king of the beast in a serious fight.

Using physical advantages, a creature can beat the lion with its special features.

6) Rhinoceros:

The Rhinoceros is another strong breed equipped with a dangerous huge horn that is positioned on their snouts. When a lion attempts to charge a Rhino, the giant horns can stand as a form of defense. The strength of an adult Rhino is enough to throw a lion in the air.

Throwing the lion off is also a technique used by another horned species.

7) Buffalos:

The Buffalos is adorned by majestically huge curved horns. Seeing its on display is enough to threaten predators aiming at them. The buffalo is brave enough to fight back and will not hesitate to showcase their horns maximum potential.

There is an interesting trait the next rival possesses to beat a lion.

8) Silverback Gorillas:

Silverback Gorillas are intelligent creatures who are huge in size and has a strong body. Given that a Silverback gorilla and lion go head to head, it can exploit the stamina issues of the predator and utilize its surroundings to score a victory.

Being herbivore is not equal to defenseless, something the next animal can prove.

9) Giraffe:

The giraffe is the tallest animal on land. The herbivore’s legs can kick at any direction with a huge amount of force. Considering a direct hit it can severely injury or kill a lion.

The last animal to be presented that can beat a lion comes in an impressive surprise:

10) Porcupine:

Porcupines are small creatures but possess sharp quills. When attacked these needles can hurt the paws and face of the predator. The injuries from this bout can gravely injure a lion that can lead to death

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