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Unique Vintage Names for Your Newborn


Unique Vintage Names for Your Newborn

One of the most important aspects of welcoming a new life into the world is selecting the right name for them. Whether you decide to honor your family history or choose something that’s completely out of the ordinary, your newborn will be with you through their lifetime and having a name they love can be one of the most enduring gifts you give them. Of course, choosing a name can also be hard if you want something unique but aren’t sure where to look – which is why we’ve gathered this list of great vintage names to inspire you and help take some of the pressure off!

Stay away from trendy baby name books

If you’re set on finding a vintage name, one of your best bets is to pick up an old baby name book from a thrift store. Most parents these days shy away from naming their children after antique relatives or historical figures; therefore, they won’t be looking at baby name books that haven’t been updated in decades. You can find some really unique and uncommon names if you go down that route.

Think out of the box and make your own list

If you’re looking to spice up your baby name list, get creative. Think about family names and take a trip down memory lane with an old family photo album or scrapbook. Revisit old friends or relatives and remember their original names. There are plenty of fun ideas out there to help you come up with something new—we guarantee it! We’ve scoured all corners of today’s web to find some of our favorite sites dedicated to naming babies.

Name your child after a famous character

One of my favorite ways to give a newborn baby a special and memorable name is to name them after someone famous in history. This can be from another country or from US history, it doesn’t matter! Everyone will know who your child is named after, which will make you both feel very special. Feel free to use your favorite character, like Harry Potter!

Use your surname as first name or middle name

It’s been trending for a while, but it’s just now beginning to make its way into mainstream culture. This can be an interesting way to honor your heritage or your parents. It’s also a great way to give yourself some wiggle room if you have a name that’s difficult to spell or pronounce!

Use places, fruit or flowers as first name

Giving your child a first name that is inspired by places they have never been, fruit or flowers they have never tasted, or a piece of furniture from their nursery may seem like a fun idea at first. However, these types of names could easily lead to bullying later in life. How would you feel if your parents chose to name you Noelle (as in no-you) and it led to kids teasing you about being nobody?

Use family’s heritage as inspiration

If you want to give your baby a name with some weight, you could turn to your family’s heritage as inspiration. If your parents are Irish, you might consider Kian or Liam. If they’re German, Oliver or Henry may be right up your alley. Don’t have a specific cultural background that can lend itself to naming inspiration? No worries!

Create an entire family theme

It’s no secret that baby names are more popular than ever before. In fact, many parents get overwhelmed with all of their options, and rather than trying to think outside of the box, they resort to traditional names. If you’re ready to challenge tradition but still want your kid to have a unique name, try to choose one from an uncommon theme that hasn’t been overused in recent years.

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